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Is your company Website Responsive?

Now that mobile friendly sites are commonplace, is your business ready? With Google’s declarations as of 2015, Mobile Friendly and Responsive sites are now given more consequential placement and authority in organic searches across their networks. In recent years, the issue of having a versatile mobile-friendly website for any healthcare organization has essentially been an after-thought. For most independent companies, investing the energy and budget for a powerful responsive system hasn’t exactly been at the highest priority for most businesses. Notwithstanding, in the past couple years versatile [...]

What’s your web content doing to expand your Presence Online?

What’s this web content thing anyway? At National Healthcare Marketing our encounters with an assortment of clients has shown us that a standout amongst the most misconstrued parts of building up an excellent site and expert online website relates straightforwardly to web content. Website content is most precisely depicted as the bunch of arrangements of data, text and images that entrepreneurs and organizations use to portray, market and show their singular offerings, services and recommendations for their brand or administration to the general [...]

Increasing your online exposure with Free Classifieds

Using Free Classifieds as a Online Marketing Tool How is your healthcare business getting the word out about your start-up healthcare business? At National Healthcare Marketing, we are consistently asked for assistance creating new traffic creation strategies for healthcare web presences. Many web owners quickly discover that creating a professionally designed, user-friendly web site is merely the first rung on the ladder in developing a lasting on-line hub for any healthcare business. Once the preliminary phases of design are completed and owners are ready to [...]

Welcome to National Healthcare Marketing

America’s Healthcare Marketing Specialists Welcome to National Healthcare Marketing! We provide comprehensive marketing solutions for the healthcare industry. We specialize in marketing assistance for Hospitals, Clinics, Healthcare Services and Healthcare Providers. Looking for help getting seen on the web? Our professionals combine over 30 years in healthcare sales and business development with over 15 years in web design and online marketing to provide top of the line solutions for marketing online. Our team proudly assists with some of the following services: Custom Web Design [...]